Space Coast/Brevard Short Sales

Taking Advantage of Short Selling

Owners of condos and homes on the Space Coast are turning to the short sale process to get their property sold. If you look carefully, you will see a sharp decline in the number of available foreclosures for sale in the MLS. This decline does not mean that the Space Coast real estate market is seeing a recovery. When we look closer, we see that as the number of foreclosures decline, the number of short sale listings are on the rise.

Why are sellers choosing to short sale?

  1. A short sale does less damage to your credit score.
  2. A short sale often attracts a higher offer than a foreclosure.
  3. The banks treat you more fairly because they see that you are trying to work with them.
  4. Someone who does a short sale is qualified to purchase another property faster then if they had a foreclosure on their record.
  5. Short selling allows you to be represented by a real estate professional versus going through the foreclosure process all alone.

The list of advantages of a short sale versus a foreclosure is long. These are just a few reasons why sellers are going this route.

If you are having challenges in making your payments then we advise that you learn more about short selling. Banks have approved more short sales in the past few months then before, and we believe this trend will continue.

At RE/MAX Elite The Central Florida Team, we have represented sellers in hundreds of bank negotiations. We represent the seller...not the bank. Our group includes experienced tile agents and negotiators, mortgage brokers, property preservation experts and of course the professional Realtors of The Central Florida Team.

Below are the properties on the Space Coast that are currently available as short sales. If you are interested in the purchase process, we are the most experienced agency on the Space Coast to help make the process as fast and problem-free as possible. Give us a call and let us know what catches your eye.

And please contact us if you would like to learn more about short selling a Space Coast condo or home.

Space Coast Short Sales